Smoke’s Brands Offers Three Incredible Franchising Opportunities

At Smoke’s Brands, “GLOBAL DOMINATION” isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. We’re seriously obsessed with bringing the craziest, most delicious concepts to hungry people who crave explosive flavor, killer service and totally unique ambiance.

You might be familiar with Smoke’s Poutinerie, the “World’s Largest & Original Poutinerie,” an unequivocal leader in the quick-serve poutine industry – we offer more than 30 types of mouthwatering, gourmet poutine on our menu.

In typical Smoke’s fashion, we’re always pushing the envelope. That’s why we didn’t stop at poutine – we also have Smoke’s Burritorie and Smoke’s Weinerie. The Burritorie has been an instant hit since its inception in 2015 – our customers get an unforgettable experience with our Wacky Burritos. We’ve never been the type to play by the rules, which is why we put things like Pad Thai, spaghetti and meatballs and chicken and waffles into burritos. Customers also have the choice to build their own from an endless selection of ingredients.

As for the Weinerie, well, there’s nothing we love more than quality encased meats. Taking a cue from the outstanding success of the Poutinerie, Smoke’s Weinerie offers dozens of wieners on the menu – totally customizable, completely delicious and seriously addicting.

Smoke’s Franchising takes great pride in delivering an absurdly entertaining eating experience packed with indulgent flavors of poutine, burritos and wieners – but more than that, Smoke’s is committed to providing a proven system for qualified entrepreneurs to bring the Smoke’s concept to communities around the world. Our goal is to achieve GLOBAL DOMINATION by providing a unique Canadian food experience that will entertain the world. Our brand doesn’t fit in the box, and neither do our ideas. CLICK HERE to learn about the opportunity to jump on the gravy train with Smoke’s brands!