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What inspires a man to launch a rocket into space? What compels him to flex his biceps to Hulk Hogan proportions? And what greatness causes a man like SMOKE to create the most gastronomical dish of all time? Legend has it, the same reason for all of MANKIND’S GREATEST FEATS – to win the affection of a girl. Yes, a girl. Smoke spent days and nights turning the precious Canadian Poutine into a TOTALLY BITCHIN’ CONCOCTION that would win over the tastebuds of a Molly Ringwald look-a-like so he could moonwalk straight into her heart. He cut potatoes with the determination of Wolverine’s retractable claws, he smothered them with gravy and cheese curds, but he didn’t stop there, oh no! In a LOVE-STRUCK CRAZE he added double-smoked bacon, caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and pulled pork. He presented the box to his sweetheart and it was LOVE AT FIRST PLASTIC FORKFUL. The taste had THE POWER OF 100 MIXED TAPES and they wed immediately. Smoke realized that he couldn’t keep this secret to himself, that he could use it to help ALL OF MANKIND. Thanks to the power of his Poutine, he was ready to answer the call of grumbling stomachs far and wide. After all, the love of POUTINE NEVER DIES.

Smoke’s Poutinerie is the “World’s Largest & Original Poutinerie”, inventing and leading the quick serve Poutine industry, offering over 30 types of gourmet Poutine on the menu.


Smoke’s Poutinerie is excited to extend this opportunity to Poutine Lovers around the World. We are simply looking for like-minded individuals who are fun, energetic, social, hard-working, service oriented people who share the same vision and fit the atmosphere of the restaurant we will be building together. Smoke’s Poutinerie welcomes people that are new to Franchising as well as potential Franchisees with a background in the food service industry. Get on the Gravy Train and help Smoke’s Poutinerie share Canada’s national iconic dish with the rest of the World.


  • World renowned Major League Eaters gather for a test of brute jaw strength and sheer stomach capacity

  • 1 Day

  • 20,000+ Plaid Nation Fans

  • 100 Million Media Impressions

  • 8,000+ Poutine Served

  • $54,000.00 Raised for Charity

  • 25.5 Lbs of Poutine in 10 Mins   New World Record!


  • 17 Cities in 17 Days, Bringing the Weird, Wild & Wacky to your Hometown

  • 6500km Traveled Coast to Coast

  • Featuring Super Stunts & Eating Theatrics

  • 107,000,000 Media Impressions

  • 12,000+ FREE Poutine Served


The WEINER is one of the oldest forms of processed food but although it is commonly believed that it was invented much, much earlier, the hot dog itself was in face invented in 1986 by Smoke.



During SMOKE’S second attempt to circumnavigate the globe BAREFOOT WATER SKIING, he encountered a VICIOUS STORM and washed up unconscious on a remote Mexican beach.